Our Services

1023 Application Preparation *

We will prepare your entire organization's Tax Exempt application including the following:

  • Prepare IRS Form 1023 and all relevant Schedules
  • Review your organization's documents to insure that they are complete and meet IRS guidelines
  • Draft a conflict of interest policy
  • If necessary, revise Bylaws so that they comply with IRS regulations
  • Review and finalize your organization's proposed budgets as required by the IRS

We will work directly with the IRS on your behalf in the event that the IRS requests additional information after the 1023 application has been filed.


Tax-Exempt Application Review Service *

For those organizations that do their own tax exempt application (1023 application), we will review your application and all of the accompanying schedules and provide your organization with a detailed analysis including suggested corrections.

We will also review your organization's documents that accompany your 1023 application to make sure they are complete and meet IRS guidelines.


Respond to IRS Request for Information *

The IRS often asks follow-up questions after the 1023 is submitted and before deciding whether to grant nonprofit status.

We will review these requests and respond to the IRS on your behalf.


IRS Tax-Exempt Revocation Reinstatement Service *

We can help you reinstate your tax-exempt status if your organization has been automatically revoked for failure to file its annual report with the IRS for three consecutive years.

The list of automatically revoked organizations is posted on the IRS Website at http://www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits/Automatic-Revocation-of-Exemption


IRS 1023 Administrative Costs

$400 for organizations whose gross receipts do not exceed $10,000 annually over a 4-year period. 

$850 for organizations whose gross receipts exceed $10,000 annually over a 4-year period.


Price determined on a case by case basis

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